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 Why not create a place of exchange, sharing, where lovers, lovers, admirers, future buyers of these beautiful dolls would meet each other, in small committee to talk about their lives with these dolls?

The 4WOODS club was born from this simple idea.

A club devoted exclusively to 4WOODS realistic dolls.

We are not a forum dedicated to all the brands and dealers of dolls. The 4WOODS Club is exclusively for 4WOODS dolls.
It is so forbidden to post pictures, links, or dolls, other than these two brands. I reserve the right to delete any photos, comments or links that do not meet this requirement.


To access the club and allow you to join us, nothing more simple. Simply register with the login window at the bottom of this page. A presentation is mandatory, to know you better.

The club has 8 categories:

  • Terms of Use: Values ​​and Objectives / Rules / Registration

  • Presentation of members (required)

  • The news 4WOODS

  • Discussions about 4WOODS

  • Your dolls in pictures

  • Daily

  • FAQ

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Know that there is no 4WOODS. I thought, created and paid this club myself.
These dolls are unique, this club too.


English is allowed.


Without registration on your part, you will only have access to the conditions of use.



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Les news du Club 4WOODS

Ouverture du Club 4WOODS : 12 juin 2017

Dernière mise à jour : 18 novembre 2019

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